Kefalonia Airport traffic increase by 62% in 2019 but with complaints.

Statistically there has been a big increase in numbers through Kefalonia Airport during the first months of this year, albeit with relatively low numbers this can be as seen as dramatic percentage increase for relatively few numbers.

source – tornos news

Much has been said during this period about the airport experience on Social Media as the increase has come in parallel with the airport going through big change and without doubt next year it will be seen by most as an improved experience for tourists and local alikes.

For this year we should all remember;

For Arrivals

  • The arrivals hall is a temporary building therefore little additional cost is going to be spent on what is in place.
  •  Access and egress is difficult but there is little space to do anymore, apart from improve the pedestrian route to hire car and airport entrance areas.

For Departures

  • The departures area is already a step improvment than previous area.
  • Ikarus is still a great place to chill before you see your plane arriving.
  • There is a lack of seating this year at present but Fraport are experts in building airports it is highly likley when the permanent arrivals building is built the seating will magically sort itself out.


  • We believe the temporary parking should be re-opened for this season it is a problem that can easily be overcome.

Hire cars

  • Most local and international operators are now well set up at the airport terminal and local offices


  • KTEL provide a good service during the Summer months to the airport.

Looking holistically at what Fraport the construction contractor and manager of the airport are doing

  • They are doing a fast and relatively efficient project whilst keeping the airport OPEN for the season.
  • When finished it will add not detract from the holiday experience
  • Kefalonia will have an aiport equivalent if not better than similar places
  • It will assist resolving a constant issue people have complained about for the last decade!

In the meantime in our opinion this Summer is going to be a trying experience for the peak months at the airport for people especially during arrivals , but hopefully most people are going to be in for a great two weeks in the Greek paradise Kefalonia is, so hopefully it can be seen as a minor incovenience.

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