Kefalonia open all year around hotels occupation rate at 85% this Christmas

Greek demand for travel abroad is rising in the Christmas and New Year holidays, with the demand for Greek destinations to fluctuate at last year’s levels, according to figures gathered by the Federation of Greek Travel and Tourism Associations, FedHATTA, from travel agencies From all greece.

Recent evidence confirms the upward trend recorded in recent years in the increase in Greek travel, with further strengthening in 2018.

The barometer of consumer preferences remains the price, destination and service relationship. Consumers do not necessarily choose the most economical proposal, but the one they think offers the best value for money.

Great demand for overseas

Particularly increased bookings (over 20%) for trips abroad, both in Europe’s classic festive destinations (London, Vienna, Switzerland, Finland, Belgrade, etc.), as well as on long trips (Central and Latin America, Australia). The Arab countries (Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Dubai, etc.) are continuing their recovery last year as well as this summer, showing an increase of 30% compared to last year.

Increased occupancy in the islands

Greek destinations show steady demand over last year. This is due to the high prices of services that lead consumers to prefer destinations abroad, as there are overseas travel offered at particularly attractive rates. Favorite destinations of the holidays, the classic winter, Ioannina, Meteora, Tzoumerka, Trikala, Karditsa, Pelion, Arcadia etc.

This is evidenced by the search on the platform. Indicatively, between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Pelion is among the top destinations of visitors to the site with the full occupancy of 82%. Tzoumerka 86%.

Completion of 96% for the same dates is presented by the destination of Meteora, while 965 are moving in the same way, and Trikala, which since the introduction of the Milos of the Elves has attracted more and more tourists and tourists.

84% of the crowds are crowded, while there are not few who prefer to change time on the popular islands of the country. Santorini, for example, presents full occupancy for the 95% festivities, while Mykonos is 93%. Correspondingly, 93% and 81% are occupied in Rhodes and Kos, respectively.

The traffic is also increased in the nearby destinations with Spetses 81%, as every year due to access and by car. Belonging to Aegina, Aegina seems to have a smaller impact, with occupations reaching 71%. Many people will travel to the popular islands of the Ionian Sea, with a view to feasts. Corfu, for example, has 81% occupancy, while a little above 85% and 87% are occupied in Kefalonia and Zakynthos respectively. However, it should be noted that occupancy in the islands is about hotels that run all year round – that is, a much smaller number of lodgings compared to the hotel’s summer potential.

According to the President of FedHATTA, Mr. Lysandros Tsilidis, the main feature of this festive season is that the holidays were booked early, from the very first days of December with a great deal of fullness to the packages offered. “This is due to the announcement of packages from tour operators earlier in the year, to attractive early booking prices and to the change in the psychology of Greek consumers, who are now consciously choosing holidays, choosing a tourist agency – a consultant.”

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