Kefalonia as an Onion Layer 3 (3rd visit+)

Okay the third part in our journey of exploration in Kefalonia, following your initial trips to the island its time to delve deeper.

This trip you will be very familiar with the main resorts, attractions and have favourite spots and friends to visit, so now its time to peel off another layer of the Kefalonia onion.

Resorts and main towns to visit
  • Previous places
  • Kourouklata
  • Old Farsa
  • Old Vlachata
  • Old Skala
  • Old Valsamata
  • Byrons Rock
  • Dilinata and Faraklata villages
  • Aghia Thekli area in Lixouri
  • Previous Beaches
  • Agia Sofia
  • Horgota
  • Paliolinos
  • Avithos 
  • Pessada  (not port, turn right befrehand and near fountain it’s down the steps)
  • Sissia (+old monastery)
  • Koroni
  • Lepeda
  • Sotiri
  • Koumaria
  • Vouti 
  • Atros monastery
  • Thematon Monastery
  • Gerogompos Lighthouse
  • Robola wine
  • Avithos lake
  • Gentilini winery
  • Roman ruins at Skala
  • Mycenaean Tombs in Mazararakata
  • The Acropolis of Sami area (near Anti-Samos beach)

Link to previous suggestions first trip and second trip

The final guide to follow soon on “Where to go when you think you have seen all of Kefalonia” !


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