Kefalonia as an Onion Layer 4 (2nd visit)

Okay the second part in our journey of exploration in Kefalonia, following your first trip the island has “got under your skin” and your back for a second visit, so you already know the main resorts and attractions so lets peel of another layer and see what else we can find.

So lets start the journey at The Onion Second Visit (Level 5)

Hire car now essential.

Resorts and main towns to visit Beaches Attractions
  • Trip 1 places
  • Fiscardo wider area
  • Atheras
  • Zola
  • Svoronata
  • Assos Castle
  • Beaches as part of resorts 
  • Vatsa Beach
  • Atheras beach
  • Kiriaki Beach
  • Minies Beach
  • Alaties Beach
  • Anti-Samos Beach
  • St Thomas Beach
  • Trapezaki Beach
  • Fanari area (Katovothres, Italian War Monument etc.)
  • Agios Gerasimos church (Lassi)
  • Ainos Mountain to the viewpoint at aerials
  • Kipouria Monastery
  • Argostoli Museums
  • Karavomylos Lake (nr Sami)
  • Koutavos Lagoon

The next sequel Onion Layer 3 to follow soon

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