Kefalonia Chamber of Commerce: Which businesses are closing until at least the 27 March 2020

The Chamber of Kefalonia and Ithaca informs its members and the public that, on Saturday, March 14th, the Government Gazette for the Imposition of the Temporary Prohibition of Individual Businesses and Other Areas was published from 14.3.2020 to 27.3.2020.

By decision D1a / GP. 18149/2020 has been decided from today 14.3.2020, the temporary ban on:

  1. 1.Catering and mobile catering and catering units (CAD 5610, 5621), beverage dancing centers, refreshments, coffee bars, cafes, cafes, nightclubs, etc. (CA 5630), excluding activities related to the distribution of products (delivery, room service, etc.) and take-away products, which do not allow the use and serving of table seats. GENERAL RULE: No queue of more than 5 people, businesses in this category that remain open are not entitled to a suspension of VAT and insurance contributions, but may receive aid if their turnover is reduced.
  2. Theaters and related venues.
  3. Public, public and private libraries, the National Library of Greece (EU), the reading rooms of the State General Archives and the archives. Administrative and financial services operate in public libraries with the presence of (1) at least one employee and without prejudice to the safe operation of cleaning, guarding, medical and emergency planning services.
  4. Of museums, historical and archaeological sites and buildings, and similar visitor attractions.
  5. Private gambling and betting companies (casinos, casinos, agencies, etc.) excluding the activities of online retailers, as well as online gambling and betting services.
  6. Sports and fitness facilities, as well as sports clubs, with the exception of athletes and teams preparing for this year’s Olympics.
  7. Theme parks (amusement parks, amusement parks, festivals, trade shows, etc.), with the exception of public open-air recreational spaces and public open-air sports venues.
  8. The following entertainment and entertainment venues: discotheque (KAD, bowling alley, playgrounds (soccer, etc.), and other entertainment venues.
  9. Hairdressing salons, hairdressers, beauty salons and physical wellness services.
  10. Personal service areas, namely tattoos and body piercing services.
  11. The provision of personal prostitution services.
  12. Retail shops operating in shop-in-a-shop partnership agreements, located in outlets, as well as shopping malls and discount villages.

The undertakings referred to in this Article shall not be prohibited from conducting business without the presence of the public.

Indicative open:  

  1. Primary and Secondary Domain (List will be given in detail)
  2. Retail (except 12 above)
  3. Hotels (strictly for the purpose of serving tourists staying in their accommodation with the ability to regulate the operation of bars and restaurants operating so as not to result in mass crowding)
  4. Food retailing
  5. Bakeries and pastry shops without tables
  6. Pharmacies
  7. Private Health Services
  8. Cafes as far as product distribution and take away
  9. Banks (with instructions for up to 5 people in each store – luggage, extended hours and pensions more days – loan functions in the afternoon)
  10. Zoos and botanical gardens
  11. Call centers with instructions for workers at least two meters apart
  12. Churches, I. Monasteries and other religious sites

Particular attention should be paid to what licenses each company has and to the CADs (activity codes) declared at the start of work by the competent DOE.

For any information or questions regarding the operation of any business, as set out in the Official Gazette, members of the Chamber are kindly requested to contact the Chamber of Kefalonia and Ithaca at 26710 26190 or by email at .

The Chamber will continue to inform its members as long as the measures are in place, and especially thanks to the local media for their support. At the same time, it will continue to claim support measures for all those affected.

From the Press Office of the Chamber

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