Kefalonia : Cold with temporary light snow this weekend and even colder next week!

As we mentioned in our last update but also according to today’s forecast data for the afternoon / evening hours of Thursday, during Friday until the first hours of Saturday we expect occasional rains and possible thunderstorms .

In the area of ​​Ainos and at a high altitude we will have some snowfall.

The winds will blow from west-southwest directions at 4-6 Beaufort with the maximum temperature at 14 degrees Celsius .

During Saturday there will be an improvement in terms of phenomena while the winds will turn to northwest, gradually reaching 7-9 Beaufort and as they will transport colder gas masses, the temperature will begin to show a significant drop.

Towards the evening hours of Saturday until the first hours of Sunday there is a possibility for some temporary snowfall in the mountainous parts of our island and rain in the lower parts.

Here we should mention that in similar weather conditions on our island there is snowfall. For this development we will have an even more accurate and reliable picture in the coming hours.

On Sunday we will have sunshine and the winds will weaken.

At the weekend the maximum temperature will be 7-9 degrees Celsius while in the more semi-mountainous-mountainous parts it will be much lower.

Due to the icy north winds and in the areas that will be most affected, the feeling of cold will be much more intense.

As for the new week, the data show that the low temperatures will persist and in fact there is a possibility that they will fall even further….

* Over the weekend many Aegean islands will receive a lot of snow

Source – Kefalonia Weather

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