Kefalonia – Coronavirus: Tourist complaint about the absence of business protection measures

The reaction of the National Transparency Authority in cooperation with the Hellenic Post and the General Secretariat of Commerce was immediate following a tourist complaint on 12.08.2020 who was staying with his family in a hotel in Kefalonia and submitted through the electronic platform of EAD kataggelies @ aead. gr concerning the absence of protection measures of the company by sars cov 2.

The complainant characteristically stated that the employees did not wear masks, urged the customers to do the same, the set safety distances of the tables were not observed, as well as more than 25 people were in the same place at the same time during the morning. He described the operation as a bomb, calling for an immediate response from the authorities.

A unit of the Hellenic Police carried out an on-site inspection of the company on the day the complaint was submitted, finding three (3) violations for non-use of a protective mask by the employees, in the outdoor bar and in the kitchen, imposing the prescribed fines.

 In addition, an infringement was found for deprivation of a health booklet to an employee and the spontaneous procedure of the employee and the owner of the business followed. The audits and the cooperation of EAD, EL.AS and the General Secretariat of Commerce continue with the aim of ensuring public health and defending healthy competition.

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