Kefalonia Fire Department: Several forest and agroforestry fires lately, more checks will be carried out!

As part of the continuous information of the citizens, the Fire Services Administration of the Prefecture of Kefallinia, aiming at the elimination of fire risks for foreign properties and mainly for the protection of human life, the reduction of the number of fires in the countryside and the reduction of wildfires that:

Recently several forest and agroforestry fires have occurred mainly during the burning of crop residues.

We draw the attention of all citizens so that all the necessary measures are taken as provided in no. 9/2021 Firefighting Order “Determination of measures for the prevention and avoidance of fires in forest, rural areas and plots” as well as in no. 20/2022 Firefighting Order “Determination of preventive measures for fire protection of land and other uncovered areas within approved road plans and settlements”. We emphasize that, before the fire, the interested parties should contact the local Fire Services in order to be informed about the prevailing weather conditions, the mandatory preventive measures as well as any other additional information.

Extensive inspections – patrols are already being carried out, to verify the observance of the specific measures.

In case of non-compliance with the above, the administrative fines will be imposed in accordance with no. 19/2020 Fire Order “Procedure for the imposition of administrative fines for violations of regulations on fire protection legislation”.

We emphasize that the faithful observance of the above is essential for the safety and protection of all of us.

Please publish this in order to inform the citizens.

The commander

Konstantinos G. Psarros

Πυραρχος Γ.Κ.

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