Kefalonia high fire risk again tomorrow Thursday 1 July

Kefalonia remains at high fire risk tomorrow.

We were warned earlier today whist delivering water on behalf of FLIK to  the local fire volunteer service in Livathos (Vlahata) that nearer the weekend the wind will be increasing on the island along with the high temperatures and dry Spring we have had leading to potentially very high risks in the upcoming days.

Already this week we have seen roadside fires near Lassi,  Mousata and Kokolata.

Very high risk of fire – category 4- is forecast for Thursday, July 1 , according to the General Secretariat for Civil Protection .

Fire: Which areas are affected by the “orange” warning?

The “orange” warning concerns the following areas:

  • Attica Region (including the island of Kythera)
  • Region of Central Greece (Prefecture of Evia – outside the island of Skyros, Prefecture of Boeotia, Prefecture of Fokida, Prefecture of Fthiotida)
  • Region of Thessaly (Prefecture of Magnesia, Prefecture of Larissa)
  • Peloponnese Region (Corinth PE, Argolida PE, Arcadia PE, Laconia PE)
  • Region of Western Greece (PE Achaia)
  • South Aegean Region (Rhodes Prefecture)
The  General Secretariat for Civil Protection ( )  of the Ministry of Civil Protection  has informed the competent state services involved, as well as the Regions and the Municipalities of the above areas, in order to be on  increased alert for civil protection  in order to immediately deal with any episodes of fires.

At the same time, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection advises citizens to be especially careful and to avoid actions in the countryside that can cause fire by negligence, such as burning dry grass and twigs or cleaning debris, the use of spark-generating machines such as chainsaws, , the use of outdoor grills, bee smoking, throwing lighted cigarettes, etc. It is also reminded that the burning of fields is prohibited during the fire season.



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