Kefalonia International Organization Message

Things are getting politically very frenetic on the island at present in the final build up to the local elections at the end of the month and there appears to be a growing awareness across the spectrum of candidates regarding international residents living on the island and the opinions of tourist visiting the island, which is a positive thing as both groups contribute significantly to the local and national economy.
However it’s also worth bearing in mind particularly during this period that personnel opinions shared on Social media , other electronic platforms and day to day discussions could potentially become seen as political opinions from the individuals involved.
It is partially for this reason the Kefalonia International Organization as a non political group will provide these groups with a great bridge head to give feedback and suggest potential improvements to benefit all parties without any political allegiances.

A reminder the kick off meeting is next Tuesday 14th May at 19:00 in the theatre in Argosotoli;

The Aim of The Kefalonian International Organization (KIO):
The aim of the organization is to provide a monthly forum for national and international residents of Kefalonia to discuss issues and concerns surrounding their local community and how the organization can support and influence improvements on the Island. 
The forum’s views and concerns will be represented by the permanent chair which is a nominee elected through the Mayor’s Office in Kefalonia. This gives the forum a platform and point of contact with Kefalonia’s City Hall. The chair will be further assisted by up to 6 volunteers. 
Some of the areas which may be regularly discussed might include some of the following:
1. Health Care 
2. Politics and Laws
3. Charities and Organizations 
4. Information About Local Services
5. Roads & Utilities
6. Waste Disposal
7. Recycling
8. Wildlife and Conservation
9. Social & Leisure
10. Travel & Transport
11. Welfare & Safety
12.Public Events

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