Kefalonia : March will be the coldest in recent years

As we had informed you we expected a extremely frosty and windy three-day weekend on our island and indeed according to our station records we had the following data:
Minimum temperature of 6.3 degrees Celsius.
Maximum wind gust 80.5 Km/hr – 9 Beaufort.
Minimum temperature of 4.5 degrees Celsius.
Maximum wind gust 85.3 Km/hr – 9 Beaufort.
Minimum temperature of 3.9 degrees Celsius.
Maximum wind gust 75,6 Km/hr – 9 Beaufort.
It is one of the rare cases we have had for three consecutive days of wind gusts 9 beaufort combined with very low temperatures for the time of year we area at.
Indeed this year’s March will be recorded as the coldest in the last decade.
Source – Kefalonia Weather

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