Kefalonia Medical Association: “Stay home …”

KMA calls on citizens to stay in their homes and not to visit hospitals and clinics when they have no serious symptoms (shortness of breath, high fever). When they have symptoms of the flu, contact their doctor by phone and do not look for a coronavirus test without a medical referral!

It is also recommended that citizens do not visit hospitals for preventive examinations and health problems that may take several weeks. Unnecessary visits to health facilities are at risk of being transmitted or infected with coronavirus.

It is also important for the outbreak of the pandemic to avoid indoors with many people and synchronize even in open spaces. These guidelines should be understood not to be optional, but mandatory especially for those most at risk, such as those with chronic illnesses and those over 70 years of age. But they are also mandatory for everyone else who wants to protect the elderly and people with underlying diseases.

ISK assures citizens and the State that the medical personnel of our islands have high levels of expertise, courage and determination, characteristics that make it ready to face the challenge of a pandemic in every respect.

While our public hospital doctors have been in the midst of crisis, they have repeatedly crashed their strengths and have proven that they can – and in conditions of under – staffing and shortage – provide high quality services to citizens. Something that they are sure to do under a pandemic. And private doctors are always ready to do the great job of removing hospitals from incidents that do not require hospitalization. And so give the public system an opportunity to function effectively.

If our movements are coordinated and direct, the situation will remain in control and we will not face problems of the extent we see in Italy.

The Board of Directors of the Medical Association of Kefallinia


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