Kefalonia on the five islands that the real estate is a treasure!

Beyond Athens and Thessaloniki, which, due to Airbnb, Golden Visa and other investors, are well-performing for market players and the islands are showing a statistical rise that has begun as early as 2018.

According to the chairman of the Athens-Attica Real Estate Association, Lefteris Potamianos, who spoke at citing his colleagues from the Aegean and the Ionian, the five of the first islands in which real estate is moving, apart from Mykonos, which is a category by itself, is as follows:

  1. Santorini
  2. Paros
  3. Naxos
  4. Corfu
  5. Kefalonia

Mykonos, as we have said, is a category in itself, as during the crisis the prices of Pan-Hellenic retreated even at 60%, the price of the “wind island” kept up, and Airbnb also rose. Specifically, in 2018 Airbnb increased by up to 20% the commercial prices of apartments and cottages in tourist areas of the island. An average budget for someone interested in buying a property in Mykonos is between € 800,000 and € 1.5 million.

As is more or less expected, the biggest demand is for villas as close as possible to Mykonos Town and more generally to the south of the island

Santorini, which is the first of five, “does well”, according to Mr. Potamianos.

Today, according to the island’s hotel information, it is estimated that there are about 60,000 beds, of which 12,500 are in hotel accommodation, 23,000 in rooms and apartments. Stakeholders are usually willing to spend up to 1.2m euros for such property. “In particular, operations with foreign investors have been made in Santorini,” said Lefteris Potamianos.

As it was written in the past year of the German Handelsblatt, the interested buyers on the islands come from Germany, Great Britain, France, USA, Italy, the Gulf countries, China and Russia.

They are waiting to buy a property and get Golden Visa.

Generally, in all the islands and in particular those of the five, we are talking about residences and the interest of hotel accommodations.

“Demand appears to be even better in the coming period.

The only inhibiting factor in this area is our national issues. If something serious, type Immons, is generally a barrier to investment and tourism, “said Athens Real Estate Chairman.

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