Kefalonia on TV this weekend if you have access to SKAI

Happy Traveler in KEFALONIA PART A.

SATURDAY 12 DECEMBER 2020 at 17:40

This week Eftychis and Electra travel to the beautiful Kefalonia. 

They start their journey from the famous Fiskardo where they arrive by boat. After a walk in the picturesque settlement, they get in the car and head to the center of the island in the village of Angonas which will be hosted in a beautiful house. Then they go to enjoy a magical sunset on the beach of Myrtos. The next day they visit the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos and the castle of Agios Georgios. They explore Argostoli bit by bit walking in the picturesque alleys, go for a walk on the bridge of Devosetos and continue with an electric skate to the impressive lighthouse of Agios Theodoros. 

There is no trip without activity for the Happy Traveler so Eftychis enters in 4 × 4 and explores the most inaccessible parts of the area reaching the highest point of Kefalonia, the top of Mount Ainos. 

Then, as a family, they enter a boat and go boating in the bay of Myrtos to dive in impressive beaches and a very impressive cave with a large inner beach. 

Happy Traveller

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