We rarely share detailed political stuff from local island  meetings  as usually it has no relevance to our readers, but this feedback on FB from the Deputy Governor of Kefalonia Παναγής Δρακουλόγκωνας regarding the repair work being done or not done! is relevant to most of us who use the islands road network. 

The full posting on facebook of Panagi Drakoulougona is the following:

Rather unjust will feel the Panayi Drakulongon A / P for a complaint concerning pot holes in Keramies. And it is not unfair because this road is the responsibility of the Municipality of Kefalonia and not of the Regional Unity of Kefalonia. On the occasion of the restoration of “unfair lie”, he informs his friends about the works of his competence in Kefalonia and Ithaca.

I rarely comment on publications. In recent days, some colleagues’ statements and some publications show the damage of the Municipal Road network in Keramies as negligence of the PIN. “Forcibly”, then, I have to refer to this “unfair lie”.

The fact that these “pits” are not within the Provincial Road Network (and therefore their “treatment” is not the responsibility of the Region) does not mean that there are no corresponding problems (of course, of course) in the District Road Network. Clearly for this purpose there was a € 54,325 “healing” contract, through which urgent needs are met. But this is certainly not the rule for dealing with problems and much more to improve the road network.

It is a fact that the current NSRF does not provide for financing for road projects (except for the connection of the airport with the NE Network) and, therefore, the only source of funding for these projects is the GPP, since the same Income and CF funding, on the one hand, are insufficient for such projects and on the other hand are directed to other actions (civil protection, culture, sports, tourism, etc.) 
. Kefalonia and Ithaca received in the year 2015 the amount of 2,877,525 €, which funded the following projects:

• Maintenance of the National and Provincial road network Sami – Pilaros – Erisos, PC 200.000 €, completed 
• Maintenance Of Kranea Network – Elis Pranon, PC 200.000 €, completed 
• Maintenance work of the number 5 Ε.Ο. and rebuilding a retaining wall at no. 5 Ε.Ο. Argostoli – Agioi Theodoroi (2,5) Samiki, location “Lanterns – Lantern”, 450,000 €, completed 
• Maintenance – Restoration No.39 at LIVADI station until Lixouri entrance, PC 950.000 €, completed 
• Maintenance – Restoration of EO. network of Paliki, PC 531.180,79 €, to be auctioned 
• Restoration of the road crossing to Mycenaean tomb of Tanzathon, PC 30.000 €, completed 
• Maintenance and repair of damage to the District Road Network of Ithakis, PY. € 71,582, completed
• Roadworks to Piraeus harbor, € 319,761.29, there is a contractor 
• 1st Supplementary Project Contract: Maintenance – Rehabilitation No. 39 from “Livadi” to Lixouri entrance, PC 125,000, was completed

In 2017 the amount of € 2,200,000 through which the following projects were financed: 
• Fault rehabilitation in parts of the District Road network of Palki, PC 890,000 €, executed 
• Road maintenance works at the EO. 12 and 15 (Asprogerakas to Aninaata and Net Strates to Kolokasi), PC 300.000 €, to be auctioned 
• Marking, marking and insurance in sections Network of Kefalonia, PC 387.887,89 €, executed 
• Maintenance and repair of faults in parts of the EO. Of Ithaca Network, € 182.112,11, completed 
• Maintenance and cleaning of uplands, slopes and ditch roads, PC 190.000 €, to be auctioned

Following the earthquakes of Lefkada (in 2015) Kefalonia and Ithaca received the sum of € 4,600,000 to compensate for the damages caused by them and the following projects were auctioned: 
• Rehabilitation works in the EE Kefallinia, PC € 2,000,000, there is a lowest bidder 
• Rehabilitation works in the EU Ithaca, PC € 1,000,000, executed

Upon completion of the relevant study (already commissioned), the project “Rehabilitation in” Boseaetos “PE will be auctioned. Ithaca “, € 1,500,000, and there is € 100,000 for technical assistance.

After 01.09.2014, with funding existing before 01.09.2014 (when the present regional authority took office), the following road works were auctioned: 
• Rehabilitation of Sami-Pyrgiou-Tzanato Road Bridge, PC 600.000 €, completed 
• Improvement – Maintenance Of the District Road Network of Ithaca, PC 153,147.77 €, completed 
• Asphalting of the District Road Network to Agios Gerasimos, PC 100.000 €, completed 
• Road safety interventions of the District Road Network Ithaca, PC 187.769,16, completed 
• Electricity, maintenance and upgrading of the District Road section of Argostoli – Koutouvo hub, PC 300.000 €, executed 
• Maintenance and upgrading of the District Road no. 6 to airport, PC 130.000 €, executed
• Rehabilitation of the slopes security of the Provincial Road no. 25 due to earthquake damages, PC 376.000 €, has been contracted 
• Rehabilitation of Provincial Road no. 24, PC 74.000 € has been almost completed 
• Recovery of earthquake damage from the District Road Network of Palliki, PC 91.227,85 €, to be auctioned

• Completed by the CFC the projects “Stopping the crashes at the entrance of Poros”, € 150.000 €, “Planning of the road network of Kefallinia and Ithaca”, PC 60.000 € and there was further signing with the supply of the materials and the use of a special of the PIN, on 09/2018. There was also an earlier “healing” project, corresponding to the above.

In the year 2018, the “Limitations and Settlement of Simeton Stream” studies were auctioned, amounting to 331,725 ​​€, which primarily concerns the safety of the Greek National Tourism Organization. Network “, for the treatment of landslide damage of the District Road section” Beth Aetos of Ithaca “, amounting to 169,627 €, followed by the auction of the” New Bridge and Improvement of the District Road section of Poros “, € 243,000.

During the same period (from 01.09.2014), the above mentioned project completed and delivered the work of “Harakas” to the circulation, included in the RDP, with € 7.200.000 project “Karavomilos – Ag. Efimia “, which will be auctioned with the completion of the expropriation process and proposed for the NSRF the” Airport – Krania “project with a PC over € 10,000,000. 
Very recently, for the year 2018, € 2,700,000 was earmarked for road construction by the RDP. The allocation of this amount to projects will be made at the next PC. and (without prejudice to any changes) these projects will be:

• Improvement of Geometric Characteristics of EO in the settlement of Tzanata, PC 390.000 €, project with ready-made study, which will be auctioned directly. 
• Maintenance and rehabilitation of the road network of Sami – Pilaros – Erisou, PC 300.000 € 
• Maintenance and rehabilitation of the road network Krania and Elisos – Prerons, PC 300.000 € 
• Maintenance and rehabilitation of the road network of Palliki, PC 230.000 € 
• Maintenance and rehabilitation of the road network rehabilitation of Ithaca road network, PC 230.000 €, projects, which can also be auctioned soon. 
• Replacement – installation of safety barriers, PC 1.250.000 €
There is also a forecast for the Pallikas road network, further to the amount of 850.000 €, as well as the project “Restoration and repair of communal areas of Lixouri”, PC 2.000.000 €, from the donation of the Region of Attica.

All of the above is mainly the case of the subordinated Department of Technical Works of Kefalonia. Also, a subordinate Financial Directorate and, lastly, the sole Director of the Planning Directorate. It is unfair and lie, therefore, their detriment is degraded by using photographs depicting a road network that is not within the jurisdiction of the PIN.

All of this is limited to the road network of the PIN, but it is good to know that few people themselves, in the last four years, together with the aforementioned, have drafted, auctioned or completed a total of ten flood defense projects.

They completed the repair of the 2nd Kindergarten of Lixouri, the ladder at the Ceramies School, the toilets at the Primary School of Sami, the Karavomilos Stadium.

They auctioned the “Mantzavinatiou” B / W project of € 1,860,000, of Skala’s stadium, € 200,000, where contractors will be installed in February.

They auctioned and executed, at a very fast pace, the project of “Piso Aetos Port”, € 6,660,000, the work of rehabilitation of the Governor’s Office, € 141,300. 
Completed the studies for the Construction of Sports Facilities in Vlachata, PC 117.000 €, of the stadium Makriotiki, PC 200.000 €, of the (auxiliary) Antoniou, PC € 195,000. Projects auctioned directly. 
The study concerning the restoration of the Museum of Argostoli or not.

Only 16 new projects, 4 new studies were executed or executed, in addition to the 16 projects auctioned, 9 projects were approved and the conditions for the auctioning of 2 other projects were approved.

At the same time they supervised or even supervised three works of SUBMIDI.

I would like to mention in detail the titanic work done in the framework of civil protection in the integrated studies of Kefalonia and Ithaca waterways in the dozens of cultural and sporting events throughout Kefalonia and Ithaca in cooperation with clubs and sports clubs, to the hosting of refugees, to PLC Palladium, to the financing of the Municipalities of Kefalonia and Ithaca (for road works), to the incorporation of works in the NSRF, to Hyperion, to the work of “Lavraga Theater”, to the program with the local Technological Educational Institute grammar with the Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality, the primary sector reports and the participation of local producers, as well as many others that prove that the PIN, the Regional Authority, our collaborating employees have provided so much in the last four years,

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