Kefalonia: She saw her child burning alive

“He is my child in the car.” This was said in a trembling voice by the mother of the 17-year-old who was burnt inside the vehicle in Lassi, Cephalonia, as her fate reserved a toy that does not fit in the human mind. Her son was trapped in the car that was engulfed in flames.

According to, the father of the unfortunate child together with his mother and his little sister were found 500 meters from the place where the accident had taken place.

The parents had taken their daughter to the pediatrician because she was ill and then decided to go for a walk until they picked up Fabio from his school. Suddenly, however, the police stopped them due to a car accident where her own son was a tragic victim.

Unforgettable, Fabio’s father speaks to and is shocked, revealing that “We learned it in the worst way… Normally I went to school. I did not go to him that day because I did not even go to work because we also have a 2.5 year old girl who was ill and we had made an appointment with the pediatrician. At 10.30 we had to do a covid test to be able to go to the pediatrician and until 12.30, we said to take a walk in the area of ​​Lassi which is touristy because my wife works there in the summer and we wanted to see who are preparing and opening now for summer season. “Until 12.30 pm we would pick up Fabio from school and go home.”

When they arrived in Lassi, as the father of the 17-year-old tells us, “we saw that the Police had closed the road and we are at most 500 meters from the burning car and we saw it. At that time, my wife was calling the child to see if he was ready to pick him up. He did not answer the phone, we saw the car accident and then the mother said “He is my child in the car”. Mother’s instinct, what can I say. We had to turn around, the police would not let us pass. We went to school, I asked his classmates and they told me that he was really in the car “.

An unthinkable tragedy struck their home. His wife is in a state of shock, with the father of the unfortunate boy saying that the mother wanted to go to the place where her son lost his life. “I have talked to psychologists, psychiatrists, he does not accept anything. He has suicidal tendencies, he does not want to talk to anyone. We went to the spot where the car caught fire a while ago, she could not stand it, she fainted and I went to the hospital in Argostoli “.

In fact, the husband of the happy mother emphasizes in that Fabio “was a very good child, Saint. He was good with his sister, he also took her for walks to school. The whole society has been shocked “and reveals his big dream. “He was already working and he wanted to become a computer scientist, so he went to EPAL and wanted to continue these things, but unfortunately.”.

Anna Triantaphyllia Tsoutsa

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