“Kefalonia should not go to a general lockdown-But IMMEDIATE actions are needed! What are we waiting for;”

It sounds likely that our country in a few days will go to a general lockdown like France and Germany.

But it does not make sense for us as Kefalonia (like all the “green” islands) to go to a general lockdown. In an island country there is no need to take generalized and horizontal measures.

Because as islands we can better protect ourselves from other areas, could some precautionary measures have been taken from now on so that we would not be in the “red” when (and if) a lockdown occurs?

Is it bad to do some sampling fast antibody tests in the ships coming to Kefalonia?

Can’t the algorithm that ran for the tests at the airports in the summer and to the passengers of the ships now be applied so that sampling and targeted tests can be done?

Dispersion from the red areas to the rest may be limited, especially on the islands.

But IMMEDIATE actions are needed! What are we waiting for;

Source – FB of Agisilaos Konidaris

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