Kefalonia Too Dependent on British Tourists?

A thought provoking narrative from Hugh Cumiskey, it will be interesting to see the actual statistics as  the season goes on to see if numbers drop this Summer from Britain and if any shortfall is picked up from other countries.

I fear that Kefalonia has put ‘too many of its eggs in one basket’. Today, more than 50% of our international flights are arriving from UK based airports. This is a regular occurrence!! In light of Brexit and the uncertainty it has created, many British have chosen to holiday in Non EU countries or stay closer to home. Naturally, this is their prerogative but I look at this solely from a Kefalonia perspective. The numbers visiting Kefalonia from the UK are certainly down for this summer.

More than 50% of our landing slots for international flights are dedicated to Great Britain. This is a restrictive business practice and denies many travellers from the rest of world the opportunity to fly direct to our golden shores. We do not have one flight from the Republic of Ireland, this is one example of many countries that have been neglected or overlooked.

We are the Greek Isles, one of the most beautiful and dreamed about places in the whole world. We should be fully booked every summer and can not afford to be dependent on the UK market.

I believe it is important that the authorities in Kefalonia monitor this situation very closely and if proven, diversify our marketing strategy and re-allocate our landing slots accordingly.

Again, I look at this solely from a Kefalonia perspective. The British are well able to decide their own future. Perhaps it is time, Kefalonia looked closer at its own future.

Source – FB post of Hugh Cumiskey on Kefalonia Unplugged

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