Kefalonia Tourism Commitee met yesterday with attendees including local mayors, local MP & Hoteliers

The Long-awaited meeting of the tourism committee of the municipality of Argostoli was held yesterday with a conference call, in order to examine the situation in our tourism due to tourism.

The positive thing is that there were concerns, positions and proposals at the same time, as it all depends on the decisions of the central government and the European Union, no decision locally can be taken until they speak.

Let’s see some positions of yesterday’s conference conference:
1. an important part of the debate was absorbed by attracting domestic tourism.
2. of most the first two months (May-June) are considered lost. Hope is the move to start 1th July
3. Within the next period, the terms and conditions of operation of hotels and accommodation will be clear from ΕΟΔΥ
4. Everyone is also waiting for the conditions of conditions to be applied to travel (Health passport etc)
5. No hotel in kefalonia has suspended its operation. Everyone is keeping waiting
6. Some Foreign Airlines are planning flights in June as well. But the winning scenario is a three-month season for this year (July-September)
7. Regardless of when flights and tourist traffic start, we must be fully ready to welcome them as a community but also as local government
8. There should be financial relief measures by the government

The Photo is from yesterday’s conference call and is from inkefalonia. GR

source  – FB post of Asimina Neofitou

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