Kefalonia up to 30mm of rain in 3 hours forecast tonight

Lightning strike Argostoli Bay 23rd January 2019

Weather: There is bad weather on Sunday night, from the west [maps]

The weather will change from today evening, Sunday 17/11, with heavy rains and thunderstorms mainly in the western parts of the country.

The phenomena during the night hours, as reported by the meteo, will move east and will mainly affect the north. The change in weather will be short and from the early hours of Monday 18/11, initially in the west and into the afternoon and in other areas the effects will have stopped. The map below shows the cumulative amounts of rain until the afternoon of Monday 18/11, where events are expected to stop.

According to forecasts available, in the early hours of Monday 18/11, heavy rains and thunderstorms are expected in Western Greece, with significant rainfall expected in the Ionian and Epirus and later in the Western Solid and Northwest Peloponnese 3-hour rain maps.    


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