Kefalonia – Weather: Roads, rivers from storm and hail – Lightning “turned” a plane in Athens (video)

Severe bad weather in Kefalonia ! A strong storm accompanied by heavy hail hit the island earlier.

At the same time, thunderstorms did not allow the Air Crete / sky express flight coming from Athens to land in Kefalonia, as reported by

According to the records of the meteorological stations, within 30 minutes of the hour the following quantities of rain fell in Kefalonia:


PALLIKI 24.7 mm

Also according to the Faraklaton M / S, the intensity of the rain reached 236mm / hr.

Watch videos of the situation on the streets:

Kefalonia – Weather: Air Crete / sky express did not land 

At the time the storm broke out in Kefalonia, the Air Crete / sky express flight was flying from Athens. Lightning prevented the plane from approaching the island and the pilot was forced to return to Athens.

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