Kefalonia Weather Warning – Police update

Update 14:11 local time

During the early hours of Friday 04.01.2019 and throughout the day as well as on Saturday 05.01.2019 heavy snowfall is expected in our islands. 
The Political Protection Directorate of HE Kefalonia and Ithaca, in coordination with the Kefalonia Police Headquarters and the Municipalities of Kefalonia and Ithaca, has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that the main road network is accessible throughout the severe weather phenomenon. 
In any case, please let the inhabitants of our islands restrict the movements with their vehicles to the absolutely necessary degree and, on the other hand, follow the instructions of the Civil Protection bodies and the Hellenic Police Force for the use of anti-slip chains, where required.
It also informs Kefalonia and Ithaca breeders that they need to take all the protection and precautionary measures of their livestock units (particularly those in mountainous and high altitude) from bad weather. The protective and precautionary measures we propose for livestock farms and farm animals are to provide food and shelter until end of extreme weather conditions.




Latest information from kefaloniapress for next few days

As we told you from days before Thursday, we expect a significant deterioration of the weather with rains, thunderstorms and snow, which until Saturday morning are expected to go down quite a bit.


According to the latest prognostic data, the altitudes where snow, rainfall or snowfall will occur in the next few days will be the following:

– Until midday on Thursday from 800-900 meters up.

-From midnight on Thursday from 400-500 meters up.

-From Friday midday from 300-400 meters up.

-From Friday midnight from 200 meters up.

– Until Saturday morning from 150-200 meters and up.

We also have to mention snowfall in mountainous parts of Ithaca.

The winds will turn northwest with their intensity at  6-8 beaufort .

Finally, with regard to this temperature, it will drop significantly with mercury at one-digit prices throughout the day with maximum values at seaside segments around  7-8 degrees Celsius while in semi-mountainous-mountainous areas it will be much lower … !!!


For some its going to be a cold swim this weekend or the more sensible may decide to turn the heating up and crack out the single malt!

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