Kefalonian beer on draft at these locations

On the occasion of increasing its productivity by 100% for another year and the launch of a new product on the market,  Kefalonian  & Ithaca Microbrewery , would like to warmly thank the professionals of our islands and its partners, for their support. them throughout our effort in recent years. We also want to express our gratitude, to Kefalonians and visiting consumers, for the positive comments and the interest they show daily for the products produced in our brewery in Karavomylos, as well as their production process! 

 It is worth noting that the beers of Kefalonia and Ithaca Micro Brewery are produced exclusively in our privately owned brewery, the only brewery in Kefalonia! Kefalonian Beer produces 100% fresh, handmade and sterile beers. In this way, all the nutrients of the beer are preserved unchanged, which are beneficial for the body, in contrast to pasteurized beers!

 With great pleasure, we are able to announce the release of the  Kefalonian  Premium Lager Draft (Barrel) , in selected locations in Kefalonia and Ithaca! 

The points of Draft at the moment are:


  • Acron Antisamos
  • Antisamos Beach Bar Restaurant
  • Afrala Cocktail Restaurant
  • Estate George Giafis Tavern
  • In Kokkora barbecue restaurant
  • Carnagio Tavern (coming soon)


  • Ristretto cafe 
  • De Bosset cafe


  • Petanoi Bay hotel 
  • Mavroidis Confectionery Lixouri Square (Persian)

Holy Jerusalem Beach

  • Odysseas Tavern

Avithos beach

  • Avithos Preview Taverna


  • Myrtia Restaurant North Ithaca


We will keep you informed about new points!

Finally, we would like to make a special thank you report to the Ionian Islands Region, for its contribution to the implementation of the IT program. CLLD / LEADER OF KEFALONIA & ITHACA, which stands as a helper of our efforts for the continuous modernization of our facilities.

We wish you all a beautiful summer.

Enjoy responsibly.

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