Kefalonian International Organisation (KIO)

Anyone who wants to sign up please contact me.

Soon you will be notified of the first official meeting.

Purpose of the international agency of cephalonia (KIO)

The purpose of the organization is to offer a monthly event with the national and international residents of cephalonia to discuss issues and concerns around the local community and how it can support and influence with improvements on the island.

The opinions and concerns of the agency will be represented by the permanent president who is nominated through the mayor’s office in kefalonia. This gives the organization a platform and point of contact with the city hall of kefalonia The Headquarters will be supported further by 6 volunteers.

Some of the areas that might be regularly discussed are;

1. Health care
2. Information about local services
3. Roads and auxiliaries
4. Waste and Disposal

5. Recycling
6. Wild life and maintenance
7. Social and leisure
8. Travel & transportation
9. Welfare and safety
10. Public events

source FB page of Nikki Atou

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