Slowly and slowly – a few seem to have come to Kefalonia many of our compatriots from Athens but also foreign permanent residents of our island mainly British.

We are seeing this mobility in our villages and wondering whether the elementary measures to protect public health have been respected mainly by the British. I did not notice any voluntary quarantine, since the day after their arrival they were swinging everywhere, apparently adhering to the British doctrine of the herd. Survive the healthy.

I do not propose witch hunting, I propose to respect the elementals and the only ones who can take care of this are the presidents and the local and community councils. They know which house he opened. Kindly let them know that they have been home for 14 days and the community will help them cope with the new situation.

It is also a worrying phenomenon for groups of cyclists who are thriving in our villages these days, ignoring the Greek reality without anyone informing them that the situation is otherwise here ..

Please post my comments, I may be exaggerating but I am worried. We need to keep our island clean because neither the Hospital nor the doctors are adequate if we get sick even with seasonal flu. We stay home because we have a health system of sparrows that can’t function on a daily basis, let alone a pandemic.

Thank you for your hospitality. Health to all!

George K.

Source – copied form kefaloniapress