Kefalonia’s waste management now proposed to be the responsibility of an institute based in Corfu!


Makis Fortes: For the new waste management model. Does Kefalonia win or lose?

Undoubtedly, the news in the midst of the enormous problems we are experiencing with the pandemic that the Government of the New Democracy is without any reason, suddenly and without any consultation, consultation with the State which has been overturned by the model model for all of Greece for 25 years of waste management in Kefalonia with the abolition of the Waste Management Company of Kefalonia and Ithaca (Εταιρείας Διαχείρισης Αποβλήτων Κεφαλονιάς και Ιθάκης [ΕΔΑΚΙ]), former Inter-Municipal Enterprise,

The responsibility for waste management will now be borne by an institution based in Corfu and the current Regional Governor will be the president, and not unlikely without the representation of Kefalonia in the 5-member Board of Directors.

The model of waste management in Kefalonia since 1985 created by the historic Inter-Municipal Cleaning and Environmental Protection Company of Kefalonia with the then Mayor of Argostoli Aleko Kalafatis as the pioneer and the support of all local authorities in the island of Maki, the first with the Municipality of Lixos in the following years it became a model for Greece and for those we served it to be the highest honor.

Unfortunately, today, with a sudden Government decision, the critical waste management sector leaves the responsibility of Kefalonia and the local institutional forces and goes to Corfu, together with the ΕΔΑΚΙ assets pass into other hands outside the island (such as Pallosti, the fleet of vehicles, the Waste Treatment Unit, the new project of 8.5 million euros that was recently included in the NSRF) with unpredictable consequences for our islands.  

At the same time, the Government’s decision seems incomprehensible, as it applies the same model in two completely different regions (Ionian and South Aegean) and also in the Ionian area unites the timelessly successful model of waste management in Kefalonia with three completely different (and largely problematic) ) systems. At the same time, the new model involves the institution of the Region (with the Presidency and another member of the Council and 40% of the shares of the new body) which has no institutional responsibility and competence in the legal framework for waste management.

Because the sudden decisions of each government seek to avoid (or even minimize) reactions from stakeholders, and because it is very difficult to make incomprehensible decisions on the part of a government, let us react to the self-evident: model of waste management!

Makis Fortes

PS The immediate reaction of the Mayor Mr. Theofilos Michalatos for tomorrow’s convergence of the Municipal Council is definitely positive and now the loud reaction of the body to the Government plans is imposed and of course the event of the attitude of the Member of Parliament Mr. Kappatos is expected.

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