KEP (Κ.Ε.Π) – The steps to make an appointment for the vaccination-The supporting documents

Citizens have the opportunity to schedule a vaccination appointment for COVID-19 at the KEP of the Municipality of Argostoli.

Necessary supporting documents:

  1. Identity card or passport
  2. AMKA
  3. No. mobile phone
  4. E-mail if available
  5. Necessary responsible statement (form is available at the KEP) in case the appointment is made by a third person, as a representative. In this case the representative must be able to give the KEP employee the necessary information to complete the process, otherwise it is interrupted and repeated when he can give the required information.

The Citizen selects the Vaccination Center from the drop-down list, as well as the day and time from the proposed selection zones. In case the displayed vaccination centers are located in an area outside the current residence of the citizen, it is possible to change the postal code.

Please be informed that based on the appointment for the first dose, the appointment for the second dose of the vaccine is automatically displayed by the system, only within the dates when the second dose must take place. The citizen can choose from the time zones that are available for appointments.

Once the appointment is finalized by the KEP employee, the citizen is handed a printout which shows information about the appointments of the two doses of the vaccine and the appointment code or QR code that is necessary when the citizen arrives at the vaccination center on the day of vaccination. If the citizen wishes, the KEP employee can send the print to the citizen’s e-mail.

We point out that the KEP employee has the possibility to either change or cancel the appointment of the served citizen only once. In case of cancellation or non-attendance at the scheduled appointment, the citizen will not be able to reschedule for the next thirty days. Cancellation can be made up to three days before the scheduled date.

Citizens also have the opportunity to receive detailed information and manage the process themselves, through the website .


KEP 0428 Argostoli: 26713 – 61000

KEP 0429 Livathos: 26713 – 61800

KEP 0550 Eleios-Pronnon: 26713 – 61630

KEP 0935 Omalon: 26710 – 86078



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