KEP: Submission of applications for special seasonal aid OAED

Deadline 30/11/2021

Necessary supporting documents :

1) D. Identity card or Passport and Residence Permit or certificate of application for renewal of the residence permit (Residence permits for third-country nationals must indicate that access to the labour market is provided for dependent work , or for construction contractors or subcontractors, independent services or project).

2) Documents resulting from the TIN (AFM), the AMKA, and the AMA

3) Deposit account form in the form of IBAN, of any commercial bank operating in Greece or of the Deposits and Loans Fund  with the beneficiary being the beneficiary

The allowance is granted if the conditions provided by Law 1836/89 exist:

Special Seasonal Allowance for the year 2021 per profession
                          BRANCH       CONDITIONS 

     Wages 2020

Builders, Quarries, Lime Makers 95-210
Potters, Bricklayers, Potters 50-210
Foresters-Resin Collectors 50-210
Tobacco workers 50-210
Musicians-members of the relevant professional association 50-210
Shoemakers 50-210
Employees of shipbuilding and repair zone 50-230
Operators of excavators, road excavators, drilling machines 70-210
Actors 50-210
Film & TV technicians 50-210
Cinema operators and assistants 50-210
Cinema & theater auditors, Cinema and theater cashiers 50-210
Employees of tourism & food industry 75 and not more than 50 from 1 / 10-31 / 12
Theater & cinema travelers 50-210
Dancers-members of the respective sectoral co-professional associations 50-210
Technicians employed in live audiovisual events-members of the relevant sectoral or co-professional associations 50-210

Retirees from 11/9/2021 onwards, as well as those who serve their military service from 11/9/2021 onwards, if they meet the conditions, are beneficiaries of the allowance.

Musicians, dancers and technicians engaged in live audiovisual events, present a certificate of the relevant professional association.

Operators of lifting and excavating machines, present a license to practice the profession.

The beneficiaries have the opportunity to electronically attach the relevant supporting documents during the submission of the application (using TAXISnet codes – – Labor and insurance – Unemployment – Special seasonal allowance OAED). In case they are not attached electronically during the submission of the application, the beneficiaries must submit them immediately and definitely before the issuance of the relevant decision, to the competent service of OAED.

 KEP 0428 Argostoli: 26713-61000

KEP 0429 Livathos: 26713-61737

KEP 0550 Eleios-Pronnon: 26713-61630 & 26713-61000 & 26713-61737

KEP 0935 Omalon: 26710-86078


Reminder on Special Seasonal Allowance 

(ΕΙΔΙΚΌ ΕΠΟΧΙΚΌ ΕΠΊΔΟΜΑ): certain professional activities cannot be exercised throughout the year. For employees coming under the professional categories that are “seasonal” in nature, a special seasonal aid has been established and is paid by the Labour Employment Office (OAED) in the period during which they cannot exercise their professional activity.

Seasonal employees must be insured with the e-National Social Security Fund (e-EFKA) and must provide their services in Greece. Mainly employees in the construction sector, salaried employees in the tourism and food sectors, as well as certain categories of salaried employees in artistic professions are entitled to seasonal aid. The same aid is also provided to salaried shipyard employees, provided they are insured with e-EFKA and provide their services to undertakings which are registered in Greece and operate in one or more European Union member states. For information on the Special Seasonal Allowance visit the OAED website at


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