KEP website to become central web portal for all Greek State information

The Minister of State and Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, announced the creation of a new website for the transactions with the state and his intention to revive the “neglected KEPs”. As he said from the House of Representatives and in the context of the new government’s programmatic statements, “a central web portal,, is a central point of entry and digital service, where all the digital solutions and all the to know all citizens and other businessmen with the State.

Mr Pierrakakis spoke of a change in the way the KEPs operate. As he said, they are “one of the most successful institutions of the Greek state and for this reason they enjoy the trust of the Greek citizens. However, in recent years they have been neglected. We are bringing this extraordinary institution back to the forefront. We empower and use it. In this context, we will reassess the services they provide, review their operating framework in order to modernize it. We will upgrade their infrastructures to the standards of the best private sector structures “.

The new Minister of State and Digital Governance stressed that in the digital sector, “Greece is a dead end in all indicators, staying behind countries that we would not even compare as sizes in ten years ago. The 10-year crisis certainly contributed to this, but the key role was played by the lack of a central plan and the mis-prioritization.


He further argued that “the new Ministry is taking the initiative to develop a National Framework for the Simplification of Procedures and Reducing Bureaucracy, which – amongst other things – will include:

• The creation of a register of governmental administrative procedures that will be accessible to citizens so that they can know what procedures are in place and for what their case. In this context, we will work with all ministries to record their processes.

• Launching a horizontal program of measuring and reducing administrative burdens on legislation for businesses and citizens similar to that run by the then Minister for Administrative Reform in 2014 and today’s Prime Minister with the OECD.

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