Key points from the Prime Minsters speech in parliament this morning


Mitsotakis : We have protected the health and lives of citizens – The consequences of the crisis will be dramatic and multifaceted


The debate is underway in Parliament, at the request of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis , in accordance with Article 142A of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, on the course of the pandemic in the country.

The government has made a very clear choice. To protected the health, the life of the citizens by subordinating her economic planning to this supreme goal. It strengthened the National Health System and supported employees and businesses. In other words, we have consciously spent a lot of resources in order to first defend the supreme good, which is nothing more than protecting the health of citizens, said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during a debate in Parliament on the economic impact of the health crisis in the country.

The main points of the Prime Minister’s speech

  • I express my sorrow for the crash of the Canadian helicopter
  • No critical need can challenge democratic sensitivity and the government’s obligation to be held accountable.
    Parliament continues to function. My appeal is to stop this debate in our public debate on how parliament has functioned in recent months.
  • Parliament has been functioning for the last 2 months, the government has used the tool of the PNP. This practice will obviously stop after the issuance of the last PNP, which will take place today.
  • We have protected the health and lives of our citizens.
  • We have spent a lot of resources to defend the highest good, which is nothing but the health of the people.
  • We have succeeded and from Monday the relaxation of the measures will begin.
  • The success we had is not credited to the government, but to the Greek people as a whole.
  • Today there are thousands of covid beds available, which we hope we don’t need.
  • As a country, we spent a lot of money, but we achieved the first health goal we set. Other countries did not succeed.At the same time, this crisis threatens everything that makes up human nature and being. This threat concerns everyone, all countries, makes no social distinctions and its source remains invisible.
  • The consequences of the corona crisis will be dramatic and multifaceted
  • Everything was done with plan & prudence, with the knowledge that we have a war ahead of us that will last a long time. Success in dealing with the health crisis will be a passport to the reorganization that will follow.
  • I provoked this debate mainly to discuss our path to the economy.
  • To date, we have proceeded with measures of 17.5 billion euros, which will reach 24 billion with European funding.
  • Greece was the only country to ban redundancies.
  • More than $ 5 billion is expected to be spent on direct aid and financial instruments to strengthen the market through the NSRF.
  • There has never been a shortage of essential medical equipment in our hospitals. There was a real war for supplies and we won it.

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