The next in The Kefalonia Pulse guides to monasteries, Kipouria is being refurbished at the moment we should have more news on opening times before the season commences.

Kipouria Monastery stands majestically what can only be described as one of the most scenic and pretty locations in Kefalonia. It has stunning views overlooking the beautiful cobalt blue sea. “Kipos “means “Garden” in Greek. The monastery took that name from of the gardens that surrounded it.
Located about 15 kilometers from the town of Lixouri . The roads from Lixouri to the monastery are of good condition, you will go through some quaint villages on the way.
The monastery has a cliff top location and is built on a vertical rock over the sea with vineyards  and wonderful gardens.The Monastery was founded in 1750 by the archbishop of Paxi, Chrisanthos Petropoulos.
The monastery has been badly damaged in the past. in 1915 it was bombed by a French destroyer during poor weather conditions the french mistakenly took the smoke coming from the chimney for an enemy’s ship.
Like most buildings on the island it was destroyed in the terrible earthquake of 1953 and one man alone, the monk who lives at the monastery, has restored the last remaining buildings painstakingly. Various Saints relics are kept in the monastery as well as the skulls of its founders.
Things to experience at the monastery; You can view the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary’s Annunciation in the monastery, as well as the skulls of Chrisanthos, Konstantinos and Efrosinos, these were the holy founders of the monastery.
There is also a piece of Holy Wood which was given to the Monastery by the Russian Prince Vladimir Dolgouroukis in the year 1862.In an elegant glass phial you will find Myr from Saint Dimitrios the Myrovlitos from the 7th century
There are many saints remains which you are able to pay your respects to. Try to visit the monastery’s fabulous wood-carved chancel.
In the past there were quite a few monks at the monastery, who cultivated its property. Nowadays, only one monk, Efsevios, resides there and welcomes visitors on March 25th and September 14th, when the monastery celebrates.
The sunset from here is wonderful. It’s mother nature at her best. The peace and grandeur will mesmerise you.

Finally an old postcard of Kipouria

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