Kipouria monastery water supply gets amazing Support

Thank you letter for the completion of the water supply project at Kipouria Monastery

The Metropolis of Kefallinia and the Governing Committee of the Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary of Kipoura communicate to the members of the local Church that the cause of its ascension. Monastery of Kippoura was completed.

That is why we make public thanks to all who have offered to them the completion of the project, namely the Cephalonian Government and the Honorable Mayor, Mr. Alexander Alexandre, as well as the President of the Local Community of Kaminarata, Mr. Theodoros Koutsin.

The Chairman of the DEYAK Mr. Nikolaos Annousaken and the Director, Mr. Gerasimos Gasparinaton, are particularly interested in the rapid and effective management and implementation of the General Assembly. Ἡ DEYAK contributed the amount of “24.594,00 €” for the operation.

The employees of the DEYAK of the Public Sector Palikis – Lixouri, Mr. Socrates Balasson, Gerasimos Valsamon, Savranim Eyaggelon, Moschopoulon Christon and Mr. Kritikos Konstantinon, who worked diligently and continuously until the end of Jerusalem was also proclaimed by heart.

Mr. Engelon Balasson, who made the hydraulic installation in his premises. By offering free work, we are warmly acclaimed.

We received Mr. Nikolaos Alexandrathon, who was doing the earthworks, and Mr. Kaminaris Vasilion, who built the shafts.

We are also awarded the SA. Mr. Ἰ. Maroulis and Mr. Nikolaos Liatton for the free delivery of concrete for the construction of the wells.

The family of the brothers Mr Markos, Mr Anikas and Mr Kalypsoos Nomikoy, who offered the sum of ‘ € 10,000.00 ‘ to the Ἱ. Monastery for her husband, we have been warmly married.

We have been the President of the Kefalonia Port Fund, Mr. Alexandre Moschon, who, in his own personal way, has greatly improved the completion of the project.

We have also been warmly welcomed to the donors who have been assisted in the repayment of the General Assembly whose cost amounted to € 54,390.00.

Finally, our daily and unselfish employees, Mr Christon and Mr Elenis Stathatos, have also been thanked.

We are giving the Lord God of God, always giving salvation to the demands of one, all that they have offered for the completion of this important work of its overthrow.Monsieur, that we do not have the Virgin Mary, the bridegroom of the Monks of Kippoura, to give gifts of health, prosperity and prosperity to all.



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