Komitata Celebrations (pictures)

Following our recent article regarding Agia Sofia the village on the main road you turn at to head down to the beach is Komitat who were having their village celebration last night, here is a few words and pictures from their village association.

Our weekend fair was held with great success!
The world was very high, overcoming our expectations.
The children of our village welcome the whole world with dance and in the end they shared to everyone!
Impressive this year was the turnout of young children where they dance endlessly and with a lot of fun.
These children are the future for the preservation of our customs!
We all became one. We danced until dawn as always the traditional.

I would like to thank all the members of the board who have given their best self for the event. The President of the community Elisa Papatheodōrátou for her help. We should also like to thank all our sponsors who have been many for the beautiful gifts they offered us as well as all our synchōrianés who with great willingness and love prepared the delicious sweets!
The active participation of our villager was great and especially important!!!

We wish you a good continuation in everything you do and we wish to get together next year with health and love!!!!!




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