Koronovios: The map of cases on the islands including 1 case in Kefalonia – Significant outbreaks of Corfu and Halkidiki

Islands and tourist destinations are gathering more and more cases , many of which are related to specific outbreaks, such as the two weddings in northern Greece (Ampelokipoi, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis), but in many cases local micro-influxes have been created that intensify the concern about dominoes. »Infections in residents of remote areas.

In Mykonos , which has also been at the center of the checks as it gathers crowded youths, at least until the ban on standing customers was announced in bars, seven Sars-CoV-2 positives have reportedly been identified. This is the staff of the well-known beach bar Alemagou, which has currently downloaded “shutters” until the laboratory testing process is completed.

According to the distribution of cases reported daily to EODY, the regional unit of Cyclades has recorded three cases in two days (3/8 to 5/8). In July, it counts a total of five incidents based on what has been officially reported to EODY, as it was preceded by one in the middle of the month and another in Paros at the beginning of the month.

It is noted that EODY usually passes in its afternoon epidemiological reports the cases of the previous day and what has been confirmed until noon of the same. Therefore, if the information about Mykonos is valid, it will “appear” this afternoon in the new incidents that will be announced by EODY.

And while in the Cyclades the “load” still seems relatively low , in the Ionian Corfu counts in the last two weeks (from Thursday, July 22) 20 cases of coronavirus. This is a significant influx of infections that “erupted” in the last few days, and specifically since July 30. Days with increased recordings on the island of Faiaki were last Monday and Tuesday, with five and seven cases respectively.

The rest of the Ionian Islands follow a much better epidemiological course until today. In the last two weeks, Lefkada has recorded five incidents, Zakynthos two, Kefalonia one.

A tourist area with a fairly high epidemiological load is Halkidiki, which in the last 15 days alone has collected 22 cases of coronavirus. From Halkidiki, in fact, the cases have σε traveled to other areas. For example, six of the incidents reported yesterday in Larissa are doctors of the two hospitals in the city who took a vacation in Halkidiki from where they got stuck. Halkidiki has been “active” since the beginning of the month, while it also recorded cases in June.

Regarding other tourist areas and islands, in the last two weeks, six cases have been recorded in Lesvos, five cases in Heraklion, Crete, two in Samos, two in Rhodes, one in Chios, one in Rethymno, two in the Dodecanese, four in Evia , four in Chania.

source – eleftherostypos.gr

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