Koronovirus: The government imposes a maximum price on covid tests – Rapid at 10 euros, molecular at 40

The highest price for coronavirus tests is set by the Ministry of Development.

Speaking during the briefing on the course of the coronavirus pandemic in our country, the secretary general Commerce Panagiotis Stampoulidis spoke about the phenomena of speculation and asymmetric price increases, announcing a ceiling on the price of coronavirus tests but also on a number of goods and services.

As Panagiotis Stampoulidis announced, the maximum price for molecular control is set at 40 euros , while for rapid tests it is set at 10 euros . “Our concern was and remains the social cohesion and the smooth operation of the market, which is now suspended. “Knowing that for prevention reasons, a coronavirus test is performed, we proceed to the definition of a maximum charge price, with a relevant amendment”, he pointed out.

In detail, the placement of the secretary general Of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Panagiotis Stampoulidis:

“From the beginning, the government has set as its absolute priority, the guarantee of public health and the access of the citizens to it. Both parameters are non-negotiable for us.

Our concern was and remains social cohesion and the smooth operation of the market. We support healthy competition practices, but only when they work.

But now that most of the market is suspended, we have to intervene institutionally in the face of asymmetric price increases and speculation.

Nowadays, knowing that for prevention purposes, the virus detection tests are widely used by citizens, either alone or by companies on behalf of their employees, having primarily ensured the availability of these products and services and at the same time having identified the cost of making them available to users, we proceed to the definition of their maximum charge price.

Thus, in the coming days, the Minister of Development and Investment will submit a relevant amendment, which will authorize him to be able to set maximum final prices, on goods and services, necessary to ensure public health and the financial interests of citizens.

Immediately after the vote and the publication in the Official Gazette of the provision, a Ministerial Decision will be issued, which will implement the maximum final charge rates for conducting examinations for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus detection, to each private provider of the specific service. The prices are as follows:

a) as a maximum charge price for the RT-PCR molecular test for the detection of the coronary SARS-CoV-2, forty EUROS (€ 40.00)

(b) the maximum charge for a rapid SARS-CoV-2 coronary antigen detection test (Rapid test) is EUR 10 (10.00); 

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