Koutavos Lagoon Road Lighting (pictures)

Great to see another project near Argostoli reach completion, this road was once very dark, now it compliments and improves the areas ambience and should make night time driving easier.

The engineer Georgios Papaioannou writes

A project tonight and “typical” is completed… the in the area of koutábou on the provincial road of Argostoli-Phiskárdou is a fact!!!!
Thank you from heart to all the people we have been able to and have completed this project!!!
Big Bravo to the region for the execution and execution of this project Mr Theodoros GaliatsatosSpiros Michail Galiatsatos etc
Also a thank you to the director of PPC Mrs. Gasparinátou Alexandra for her impeccable cooperation from the beginning of the project to the end.
I hope the new region will be able to build more sections across this large network that our island has and each one has its importance.

Source – FB post of Georgios Papaioannou

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