Koutavos Summer Events Porgram

The Koutavos of Culture, Ecology, History, Sports Children, Recreation and Entertainment, Our Koutavos. The time has come to be attributed to us, the Citizens of Kefalonia. With respect and empathy we walk on the street of our dreams, collectively and dynamically we match the mental landscape of our city, we define the quality of our lives, leaving an environmental and cultural legacy to our children.

It is with great pleasure and emotion that we present the first edition of the event program for 2020, we commit to further enrichment and invite all the artists and scientists of our country to actively participate in the render of our cultural and environmental stigma.

Participation in the following events is free and free.

Koutavos Events Schedule 2020


Thursday 16
The Sports Club Kefalonia Academy with its sports summer camp organizes a painting competition for children aged 5-7
Start time 11:00 am
Koutavos Grove

Friday 17
This is a band with influences from Southern Rock, Blues, Rock n ‘ Roll, up to Greek art.
Start time 8:00 pm
Free Admission
Koutavos Grove

Saturday 18
A wonderful night WITH GUITAR AND BOUZOUKI – S. Apokatanidou, G. Daphnos, A. Suyul
Start time 8:00 pm
Free Admission
Koutavos Grove

Sunday 19
Oregano collection with the Management Body of the National Forest of Ainos.
Start time 7:30 am
Court of closed gym area Antonis Tritsis
Communication with the operator is required to book seats.
Info. on tel. 2671029258

Saturday 25
Ainos National Forest
Dark Sky Park Photography and Star observation
Start time 7:00 pm-9:30 pm
Koutavos Grove

Thursday 30
Mandolinata of Argostoli

Friday 31
Alexandros Pantelios, (President TEE)
Speech on: ′′ The digital transformation of the municipality as a tool to promote participatory democracy “.
Start time 8:00 pm
Koutavos Grove


Saturday 1
Pefanis Angelos (Cardiologist)
Speech on Cardiology Athletes Control
Start time 8:00 pm
Koutavos Grove

Sunday 2
Arabian Gerasimos
Training bicycle trainers.
Start time 7:00 pm
Koutavos Grove

Saturday 8

Sunday 9
Augusta Pavlatos
Let’s sing together mine and yours stories…
Let’s sing our stories together…
Start time 8:00-11:00 pm
Koutavos Grove

Saturday 22
Mandolinata Choir of Argostoli

Sunday 30
Kouris Georgios (Doctor)
Speech on Epidemics in Kefalonia. The morbid frame.
Start time 6:00 pm
Koutavos Grove

source – FB post of Φάρος Τοπική κίνηση πολιτών

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