Koutsoupia: The “hidden” beach of Kefalonia – lush pebble and turquoise waters [video from today]

The beach of Koutsoupias / Photo: Instagram @matiamoubykaterina

Green trees, turquoise waters and white pebbles. This is the image that faces anyone who comes to Koutsoupia beach in Kefalonia.

This beach of Kefalonia hides all the Greek summer, as what one wants at this time. Relaxation in paradise waters with the sounds of nature to his ears, away from darkness and worries.
Koutsoupia: The “hidden” beach of Kefalonia
Koutsoupia beach is located in the eastern part of Kefalonia, along the coastline from Sami to Poros. It has white sand and fine pebbles. The visitor can get there by sea as it is a short distance from Sami and Antisamos. If you do not have your own boat, you can board one of the boats that start from Poros or Skala and make day trips to the beauties of Kefalonia and the surrounding islands, usually taking a stop at Koutsoupia.

If you are into hiking hiking you can reach the beach from the route Antisamos – Poros,with the nature unfolding on the pathg to make it all the more beautiful.

source – iemerida.gr

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Gepostet von Giorgos Giannakoulopoulos am Sonntag, 16. Juni 2019

video source  – FB post of Giorgos Giannakoulopoulos



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