Kratsa Regional Authority has rejected the request of the Mayors and Municipal Councils to discuss the issue of hydrocarbons in the Ionian Sea

Disappointing news but we are sure the protest at least will proceed – (editors note)
On 12/11/19, a request was filed   by the Municipality of Sami to the Regional Authority (PA) with ID 1277 and Processing Number 50, which was signed by the other two Municipalities, Argostoli and Lixouri as well, and the Municipality of Ithaca.
A request was also made by the mayors to the chairman of the Ionian Islands Regional Council to include the issue of hydrocarbons in the agenda of the forthcoming regular meeting of the Council of 23 and 24 November in Kefalonia.
This request was not on the agenda, although it was tabled within the deadline, thus announcing city council decisions and mayors’ initiatives !!
We do not know why the PA and the President of the BoD acted in this way, in response to the request of the Municipal Councils of Kefalonia and the Mayors, so important for the whole Ionian Sea.
What we do know is that the Regional Authority  and the President of the BoD,   essentially throwing their request into the trash, are depreciating the Municipal Councils and Mayors who took the initiative!
The reason; Let us be told by the PA itself and the President of the PA.
Tasos Kavallieratos.

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