Kyllini “overwhelmed” – The excursionists taking boats to Kefalonia and Zakynthos


The crowded with tourists and locals prevailed yesterday throughout the day in Killini port , as large crowds rushed to enjoy three days of the Holy Spirit traveling nearby and beautiful locations.

Their honors seem to have had the Ionian islands, with Zakynthos and Kefalonia being the main destinations for tourists.

With time being an ally this weekend and the temperatures until Monday of the Holy Spirit remain at very high levels, it was logical for many to give up for a while the daily routine and to resort to family to spend moments of relaxation by making their baths on the beautiful beaches of the two islands. Characteristic is the image that was in the port of Killini, which “flooded” people who were ready for his three-day “exodus”.

In the enormous traffic observed yesterday, travel agent Giannis Papanikolaou focused : “The traffic was particularly high, with people wanting to get away from their everyday life, as the temperature has risen steeply compared to last year. Especially for the island of Zakynthos, the traffic was enormous. Completeness on all routes to Kefalonia-Zakynthos reached 100%. “


From pleasure and joy were the “flooded” excursionists who flooded the harbor of Killini, waiting for the time they will board the boat and will start their short but very rejuvenating holidays. Zhengthon had more honor and Kefalonia as the main destinations for most. From Ilia, as well as various parts of Greece, many were found in Kyllini to board the boat, which would lead them to their final destination. Many of them have been prepared for a long time, having chosen their destination at very affordable prices. Below are statements of excursionists shortly before their trip to the two islands:

Comments from travellers included; 

“I leave for three days in Zakynthos. The truth is that I had not been able to look for earlier economic packages. In such cases, you have to worry early, but I did not have the time. “

“I come from Athens. The prices I found were very satisfying and low. My destination is the beautiful island of Zakynthos “.

 “From Kastoria I come and my destination is Zakynthos. I want to believe that I have found enough financial tickets, as this is my first time on the island and I have no experience. “

 “Having done all the necessary research to find the cheapest prices for Zakynthos, I have planned a two-day trip from my island to Corfu.”

“Beginning from Athens, I have already booked a ticket to Zakynthos for the weekend. The prices were very affordable, as I had closed them a long time ago. “

 “We make our escape to Zakynthos. I am from Lechena. Prices were particularly good, so we booked a holiday on the island. “


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