Lack of Parking Space outside Pharmacies and Argostoli Parking Update

The president of the Chamber of Kefalonia-Ithaca, Stavros Spathes and the president of the Pharmaceutical Association of Kefalonia, Nick Lazaris, asking in a letter from the Commission of Kefalonia Municipal Quality of Life to open temporary parking spaces outside pharmacies of our city, to serve them who need to buy medicines.

The letter highlights the present issues of no parking for patients especially those with mobility issues, heart issues and other serious medical conditons who need to pick up their medicines.

It further notes the siuations is going to get worse as Summer approaches and there are more cars in Argostoli looking for parking.

Separately, but still on the subject of parking in Argostoli following the meeting regarding parking at the port area  it would appear a space has been agreed (~3 stremma) that can be used from 30 May until October 2019 for parking.

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