Land Registry Kefalonia & Ithaca will be extended until 18 December

Land Register: Extension to kefalonia and Ithaca until
18 December 2019.

On the occasion of the reasonable concern of our compatriots regarding the end of the deadline for submitting statements of our prefecture, I took the initiative on the matter in cooperation with anti-government agents.

Today I am pleased to announce to the citizens of kefalonia and Ithaca that tomorrow morning the announcement of an extension of statements until 18 December 2019 is expected, with a decision of the minister for the environment and energy. Dimitris Housekeeper, after tonight’s positive review of the cadastre company

The completion of cadastral land will solve a number of problems that inconvenience the citizens of our prefecture and facilitate economic activity. I hope that all citizens who have not yet been able to complete the property declaration process will benefit from the extension.

I will continue to follow closely the progress of the process.

Panagis kappátos
Member of kefalonia and Ithaca

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