Land Registry: The fines are “frozen” until the end of 2022

It should be noted that the new draft law that is being promoted for the upgrade of the services of the Land Registry also examines the possibility that these fines will not be paid, but that other restrictions will be introduced.

The owners who did not declare their properties in the land registry have a period of 18 months at their disposal , in the areas where the process is progressing, since by the end of 2022 any payment of a fine is “frozen”.The extension is required due to the long period of suspension of operation of the mortgage offices , with the result that the owners were not able to collect the necessary documents to submit declarations to the Cadastral Offices. The extension is provided by an amendment of the Ministry of Digital Governance , which was submitted last Saturday afternoon in the bill of the Ministry of Labor .

It should be noted that the new draft law that is being promoted for the upgrade of the services of the Land Registry also examines the possibility that these fines will not be paid, but that other restrictions will be introduced. For example, no transfer can be made if the property has not been declared in the Land Registry.

According to the amendment, from now on any transaction is prohibited as well as the issuance of a building permit for the properties that were not declared in the Land Registry.

At the same time, one of the priorities of the Ministry of Digital Government is to take a series of measures in order to address the problems faced by the Land Registry. For example, there are currently 200,000 objections pending in the drawers of Objections Committees blocking real estate transfers. After all, only from the summer of 2019 until today, when the last cadastral program is running, the objections reached 60,000. One of the four concerns the Municipality of Athens.

In this direction, a series of interventions were made that concern, among others, special expenses for the meetings, exclusion of the fees of the Objections Committees from the legislation on fees of collective bodies, meeting of the Committees by teleconference, etc.

The new draft law

The new draft law is expected to be submitted to the Parliament next month and it is foreseen to complete the cadastre before the issuance of the decisions of the Cadastral Affairs Committees.

All applications and opposing views on the application will be submitted within the prescribed deadlines and will be heard regularly, while for the first time in the cadastral sheet of each property will be listed the pending rights (applications and opposing views).

Unknown owner 5,000,000 rights

At the same time, according to , five million property rights from the last cadastral program are unknown to date. This means that in the current cadastral program with 15 million rights, one in three properties has not been declared in the Land Registry.

Supplementary declarations also belong to the number of five million rights. Thus, in an effort to increase the pace, the Ministry of Digital Government plans to have the possibility of electronic submission of additional declarations until the posting in the Land Registry, a possibility that does not exist today after six months, since anyone who wants to make a supplementary declaration must does it live in the Cadastral Offices.

Statements begin in Cyclades and Crete

The collection of statements in the Cyclades and Rethymnon starts in July , while the collection will start in August in part of Chania and Heraklion . At the same time, since next December, the collection of statements for Corfu and Thesprotia has been planned .

Meanwhile, in six areas of Peloponnese ( Ilia, Laconia, Argolida, Corinth, Methana and Trizinia ) and in 13 islands (Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Ikaria, Samos, Chios, Lesvos, Lemnos, Agistri, Hydra, Poros, Spots Kythira ) less than half of the owners have declared their real estate in the Land Registry.

In addition to the freezing of fines, the amendment introduces – and – arrangements for speeding up the cadastre and the opening of new Cadastral Offices. In particular, the proposed regulations address, mainly, the increased staffing needs of the Cadastral Offices and Branches that will open in the near future.

Thus, for example, the unpaid mortgagors are again given the opportunity to apply for inclusion in the Land Registry, while, at the same time, the Land Registry is given flexibility in the utilization of its employees through transfers between its individual services.

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