A large fire has broke out near the village of Maries and the strong winds make the work of the Fire Brigade very difficult.

Tonight is a nightmare for the mountain villages of Maries and Exo Chora of the Municipal Unit of Elatia, which for more than 5 hours have been living the hell of the fire that has already engulfed a large part of forest and rural areas.

The fire started from Exo Chora and the strong winds quickly led the fiery flame to the village of Maria, whose residents are still on alert for the possibility of evacuating their homes. KTEL buses are already in Maria Square for this ” scenario “.

The Mayor of Zakynthos Nikitas Aretakis spoke clearly about arson, explaining that the start of fire in the night and with these weather conditions is not accidental, while the Deputy Regional Governor of Zakynthos George Stasinopoulos announced that with the first light of day they will reach our island of the Fire Service Giannis Panopoulos and a pedestrian section of the Fire Brigade from Patras.

source – ermisnews.gr/ firefighting.gr


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