Large fire still out of control in Evia this morning threatening village

Out of control, the fire in Raptai is directed towards a settlement

The situation on the front of the fire that has erupted since Saturday morning in Raptaion Karystos in South Evia is difficult . The fire continues to burn forest area and with the ally of strong winds it is currently out of control. Ground and air means have dropped their weight at a specific point, as the flames are directed towards the settlement of Delisos .

In the battle of extinguishing, strong firefighting forces are operating, consisting of 45 firefighters with 15 vehicles, 2 groups of pedestrians, water tankers of the municipality of Karystos, individuals, volunteers and air force, 2 helicopters and 2 Canadair planes.

According to, the fire brigade informed residents of the settlement of Dilisos to be ready for evacuation as the fire is close to the settlement.

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