Larissa: 35 cases of coronavirus in the Roma camp in a total of 637 controls

After midnight on Thursday, it was announced that 35 positive coronavirus samples had been found in the Roma camp in Larissa.

At an extraordinary meeting that ended a short while ago in Business Chamber of Civil Protection under the Civil Protection Minister  Nikos Hardalias  and in open communication with the Thessaly Region of  Costa Agorastos  , Professor of Epidemiology and representative PHEA  Chris Hadjichristodoulou   and the Mayor of Larissa  Apostle Kalogianni  of immediate transfer and isolation of positive cases at the “Help” Rehabilitation Center and the continuation of extensive tracking of close contact cases.

Also, after consultation with Professor  Sotiris Tsiordas,  further measures were decided, such as:

a) To put in a state of enhanced surveillance and for reasons of Public Health the following area of ​​the Nea Smyrni district of the Municipality of Larissa.

In the context of the above decision and for its implementation,  the following measures are launched by decision of the Secretary General of Civil Protection  Vassilis Papageorgiou :

  • Traffic ban  from 22.00 to 06.00 which will be valid from today 15-5- 2020 and for 14 days. Traffic is allowed only for serious health reasons.
  • Prohibition of gathering of more than ten (10) people and strict supervision of the measure
  • Mandatory use of a mask for everyone.
  • The street vendors working in the public sector will be able to leave the area of ​​Nea Smyrni for work if they have two (2) consecutive negative tests, which will be repeated every five (5) days.
  • From the Region of Thessaly, fabric masks (1,500 pcs.) Will be distributed to everyone and antiseptics to each family.
  • Tomorrow 15/05/2020 the K.OM.Y. (Mobile Health Groups) from EODY will carry out sampling to the retailers and to the others who were absent from their home in the previous days as well as tracking of positive cases.

The Greek Police and the Municipal Police are responsible for ensuring the implementation of this law, the detection of violations and the imposition of the prescribed administrative sanctions

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