Last Nights Traditional Dancing in Sami (link to videos and pictures)

It was held yesterday in Sami, the 15th Parastasiada, free dance expression.

Primary Schools in Sami. Poros, Pilaros and Erisos, they collaborated and presented an excellent performance, with dances mainly from Kefalonia and the rest of Greece.

Parastasiadas was under the aegis of Kefalonia Primary Education, supported by KEDIKE.

Soul of the event, Gerasimos Galanos, who, with his presence and his attendants, really wore the show !!

The children who participated, having the excellent work done in their schools, by their teachers, presented a unique performance and were applauded by the audience for the perfect result !! 
Congratulations to students, teachers, the four participating schools, the parents of the children and, of course, Gerassimos Galanos, inspirer and creator of the Parastasiades !!! 
Impeccable preparation, perfect and the result !!! 
Well done to everybody!!!

Parastasiadas closed with Socrates Benou with the Cephalonia Youth Orchestra. 
Photos from yesterday’s show, you can see HERE. 
Tassos Kavalieratos. 
With Dim. School of Erisos, students from the Gymnasium of the area participated.

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