Latest News on last weeks death of a British man in Ithaca

Crime in Ithaca: He was found dead by his partner

New evidence of crime in Ithaca. What the victim’s companion and long-time wife of the accused say, according to what was shown in Tatiana Stefanidou’s “With You Weekend” show on SKAI. The 54-year-old was allegedly beaten to death … in the 40-year-old relationship with his estranged wife. He appears remorseful and claims that he gave the victim only two blows, which could not kill him.

The 42-year-old described the tragic moments at the hotel in Ithaca during the beating and also when she found her partner dead. The crime in Ithaca took place last Saturday night (16.11.2019), when the 54-year-old is accused of beating his 40-year-old ex-husband to death.

According to what was shown in Tatiana Stefanidou’s “With You Weekend” show on SKAI, the 42-year-old backed off, speaking to police officers: “We met the victim abroad 16 years ago and had friendly relations. He knew the problems I was facing lately and was standing by my side. 

Our relationship became passionate during the last 10 days when he travelled from England to see me. He came to Ithaca for six days and then went to Kefalonia. He came back to the island on the 15th of the month because I called him and told him that my estranged husband was following me and attacking me at home . “

Referring to the beating incident at the hotel, the 42-year-old allegedly said: “When he came in, he pushed me and grabbed the victim by the shirt. He lifted him out of bed and shouted “what are you doing with my wife?” He started punching him in the face. My friend fell down with the first blow and did not retaliate. He was trying to calm him down. I was yelling at my estranged husband to stop. He found me, slapped me and spat on me . He told me he would take my daughter and not divorce me. Then, he left…”.

She then claimed that she had prompted the victim to go to the hospital, but he declined : “He told me his nose was broken, but he knew what he had to do, having happened to him twice before. I was waiting to go home and leave… He called me around 17.00. After he told me she was taken aback by my husband’s blows and did not respond, he again refused to go to the hospital. “

The 42-year-old allegedly said she sent him messages and because he was not responding, she decided to go to the hotel with her child to see what she was like.
“About nine o’clock I arrived in the room and contacted the owner to open the locked door. He opened his room. When I got in, I saw him lying on the bed. I t and he rouched him and he reacted, but he didn’t wake up. I didn’t insist on seeing him further. He was breathing, but he smelled of alcohol . “

The next day, I went back to the hotel and discovered that the 40-year-old was dead: “ When I got in, I thought he was sleeping. I shook him and saw he was cold. I called to the reception desk for help and after 20 minutes, a doctor came to see his death“.

According to, the death of the 42-year-old Briton stemmed from traumatic brain hemorrhage , as demonstrated by a forensic examination in Patras today. This means, according to experts, that the causes that led to the loss of the British life were not pathological .


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