Latest update from Albania earthquake, 14 dead and over 300 injured

At 14 he has now gone up the number of dead and over 300 wounded is the tragic account of an earthquake of 6.4 on the Richter scale occurred at dawn in Albania.

The country’s defense minister, Olta Haka, spoke of 14 dead and more than 325 wounded, adding that a large number of people remain trapped under debris without being able to provide more details at this time.

Buildings have collapsed and hundreds more have been damaged. So far, the report shows that the earthquake caused extensive damage to Tirana, Durres, Fieri and Lezia. Many buildings collapsed in Durres, including a three-storey hotel.

The first three victims are residents of Kurbin, north of Tirana, where a man was killed when he panicked and jumped from the balcony of the house, while two women were found dead under the ruins of buildings. The fourth victim is a man It was found under the ruins of a building in the city of Durres. Another two people were found dead under the debris. The seventh victim, according to the defense minister, died in a traffic accident when the road was cut off by wreckage in the northwestern town of Lecsa.

In a recent update, the defense minister added that there was still one dead, up to 9. He was a man found dead in a former hotel collapsed.

Local media also report that a villa near the city of Durres has collapsed and it is believed that there were eight people inside. There is, however, nothing new about their fate.

At the same time, dozens have been hospitalized. Turkey’s ambassador to Albania said a group of about 20 Turkish nationals had been rescued from a hotel damaged by the earthquake. As Ahmet Yoruk told CNN-Turk, the Turks were staying at a hotel in Durres, one of the areas most affected by the earthquake.

Buildings collapsed like cards on the earthquake in Albania
The testimonies of the earthquake and the ensuing earthquake are shocking. The results speak for themselves: Buildings were leveled like playing cards towers and countless others were damaged. The earthquake hit Albania’s inhabitants, and many were in the cities close to the center that began to panic on the streets.

Crowd in front of building that collapsed after the earthquake – Photo: AP
It is noted that this is the second major earthquake in Albania in time. On September 21, a 5.6-magnitude earthquake damaged some 500 homes, completely destroying some of them.

A man passes next to a damaged building after a magnitude 6.4 earthquake in Durres, western Albania, Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019. A strong earthquake has shaken Albania, killing at least four people, injuring 150 and collapsing buildings. (AP Photo/Hektor Pustina)

Today’s vibration was centered 7 kilometers northeast of Durres, about 30 kilometers west of Tirana. The earthquake occurred at 04:54 and had a focal depth of 10 kilometers. According to the European-Mediterranean Institute, the vibration was 6.4 Richter , with other sources referring to 6.3 Richter, and initially measured 6.6 Richter.

In many areas affected by the earthquake there are serious problems with electricity and telecommunications. On the streets there is confusion, while Prime Minister Edi Rama went to Durres, which was hit hardest. At 07:03 Tuesday morning, a 5.4-degree Richter scale was recorded.

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Footnote – Sadly from the pictures we are seeing in this post and others there appears very little reinforcing bar to what we would expect as the normal in Kefalonia and Greece, maybe these were all older buildings!

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