Letter from Kefalonia-Ithaca Open Assembly against Hydrocarbon Extraction to our MP

Open – public letter
To Mr. Kappáto Panagi
MP of kefalonia and Ithaca

Honorable member,
As you already know on Tuesday 1 October 2019 we will be voting before the national delegation as parliamentary representative of our islands to give your vote to the government’s bill to grant two more marine land land to the ionian and Crete, with a view to the Hydrocarbon extraction from specific companies active in this sector.
As you probably already know, on this issue, that is the question of the mining of hydrocarbon mining in the marine plots of eptanisa and more specifically in the neighbouring of our islands, the overwhelming total of the inhabitants of our islands has expressed the complete, absolute, compact And diffuse denial and reaction for some time, and indeed by all possible and appropriate means. We have literally risen, and not of course by chance, not for no reason. This is because a whole set of evidence, experiences, studies, reports, statistics, analysis and so much more coming from the international and European experience and the independent community of distinguished Greek and foreign scientists, is clearly reflected in the fact that marine mining is a Immediate and highly dangerous absolutely possible threat, especially when the deep depths of the ionian sea combined with its large and frequent sea mining make the sea mining in the ionian sea completely unsafe.
Against these documented positions and conclusions, the argument remains open, unsubstantiated and unambiguous. Examples and arguments are used that no application can have to the rare, especially, natural, environmental, social and economic characteristics of our islands and their inhabitants. Many of these, in fact, offend our common sense, traditions and history, our experience and our gene relationship with the great seismic events, as well as our pride and dignity. They don’t convince us! Because we now recognise that this new and everything hostile to our site and lives will alter and degrade our social and economic web, dramatically degrade our aesthetic and not only environment, we will degrade the highly competitive tourist Product of our islands, as of course the rest of our productive wealth, will lead us completely unfairly and inhuman to the lobby of danger, destruction, destruction and abandonment.

Mr MP,
The recent popular mandate you have given, a mandate to representation and defend our islands and their inhabitants, is binding for you in the context of the constitution. And it is this commitment that should lead your vote before Parliament, it is our democratic principles and radical traditions, it is the interests of the people and the inhabitants of our islands, they are the righteous and reasonable, legitimate and socially guaranteed human rights And our requests.
In this context, the local communities of kefalonia and Ithaca, the thousands of inhabitants who have signed resolutions, the overwhelming majority of the local population, two municipal councils so far (and the meeting of the municipal councils of the new municipalities of our island is expected) Just next week), as well as the board of pedin, all of us, “vote” The Representative vote of kefalonia and Ithaca during the discussion of the relevant bill in Parliament, and we ask that it be negative, in defence of the The interests of the people who live, operate, practice, practice arts and sciences that give birth to their children in our islands.
We therefore call upon you to draft the relevant bill and become one with us, the citizens you represent, in our reasonable agony and in our fair struggle. We invite you to respond to our popular democratic ” mandate to be worthy of our great history, to respect those generations who gave us this beauty on the wreckage of the devastating earthquake, to join the one and only but also institutional ” no ” You with the thousands of ours. We call upon you, to give this critical vote in such a way that it is the one that will rescue the ionian sea and its inhabitants from this barbaric activity, and that will deliver to the next generations our seas and islands full of beauty, Life and prospects.

Kefalonia, 27.09.2019
Open Assembly of kefalonia and Ithaca
Against the mining of hydrocarbon

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